Throughout these years, we get customer testimonials that tell stories and relevant experiences of their lives lived and passed by in Majestic. We await eagerly for your story...

I remember as a child going to the Majestic and being dazzled with the antique and elegant furnishings. Now as I am older, I continue to be fascinated with the space, the service and the flavors. It's all wonderful and when you enter the cafe, it looks like we are transported to a worthy place of the gods. I am a passionate about my city and its characteristic points and the Majestic Cafe is one of them. I loved being there and I want to repeat the experience! I would not mind working at this site, with such class and good taste. Please maintain its quality and continue to fascinate everyone who goes there.

Maria Silva
"An English Teacher in Porto: In Search of Joanne Rowling"! At eleven on a chilly October morning in Porto, Portugal's second city, I crossed the threshold of the Café Majestic. The gilt lettering on the Art Déco façade and the profusion of bright lights inside invite the passer-by on Rua de Santa Catarina to walk in and defy the elements with a warm, milky glass of galão coffee. The café is just a stone's throw from the Grand Hotel do Porto where I was staying on the same street, a still-palatial mid-nineteenth-century edifice where Teresa Cristina, the last empress of Brazil, breathed her last in 1889. A plaque outside the hotel commemorates this event, but outside the Majestic there is no plaque to tell the world that, just over a century later, this very street also had an honored part to play in the genesis of no less a figure than Harry Potter.

Christopher Rollason
We are the choir of equal voices from the Bartolome Ertzilla conservatory in Durango, Basque country (Spain). This past weekend we were in the FICC Freamunde international choir competition and we went to visit Oporto on Friday evening. We wanted to see the majestic and to have dinner there if possible. We were lucky, and apart from enjoying your exquisite service and fine dining in a unique environment, we had the pleasure of singing a couple of songs with our pianist accompanying the grand piano in your dining room. It was a magical moment that will always remain linked to our memory of Oporto. Really majestic. Thank you very much for your service. Best regards.

Bartolome Ertzilla Abesbatza
I was brought to your cafe by my fiancé. We met online and I moved here from the USA about 4 months ago. I instantly fell in love with your cafe and immediately started posting it on websites I contribute to pertaining to travel and destination spots. I feel the majestic is one of the most beautiful structures I have ever seen... no matter where one eyes settle, It finds new beauties to admire and I would hope you keep this site updated to assure that all others who come to check it might see the events and art you are currently featuring. I wish you the best of luck and then you for bringing this beauty of history back to life.

Je suis venu manger dans votre établissement, samedi 31 octobre 2009 en compagnie de quatre autres français; nous étions installés au fond du café, côté gauche en se positionnant à l'entrée de l'établissement; nous avons été surpris et ravis de cet endroit merveilleux et de l'accueil réservé; nous avons été servis très rapidement, sur notre volonté car nous avions un avion à reprendre pour le retour en France; un grand merci et bravo pour votre sympathie et votre cuisine; c'est sûr, nous reviendrons.

Francis Kraft
I would like to congratulate the management and all employees of the Majestic Café for the care and preservation of this historic national heritage. Its stained glass windows, tables, display cases are like a piece of sweet memory of Porto and of the Portuguese. My late father Jorge Viana Nedehf Marques de Viana, accompanied by Dr. Assisi Chateubriant President of the daily associates of Rio de Janeiro and journalist Joel Silveira, all deceased, reminded me of the time of the visit of the President of Brazil Jucelino Dr. Kubitschek de Oliveira, to Portugal and Europe in 1955, had happy memories of Porto and Portugal delighting in the wonderful service of sweets of Majestic. At this visit was reciprocated by the then President of the Portuguese Republic General Francisco Higino Craveiro Lopes in 1957 in Confeitaria Colombo of Rio de Janeiro. He reminded my late father of a rather comic episode, having asked the President Kubitschek what he liked more in Portugal, he replied, "Well... it was the Majestic... anyway I am also a son of God ...!" This visit was recorded with rich photos in the magazine cruise from Rio de Janeiro that year, and also kept as a souvenir, commemorative medal silver coined at the mint of Brazil. The coin has over the arms of Portugal and Brazil, the facade of the Majestic Café. Our best wishes to everyone at the Majestic Café.

Eduardo André Chaves Nedehf Marquês de Viana
Enjoying the last days in Oporto after a month walking all through Spain on the Camino de Santiago, I walked through the city streets on this nice evening, not knowing what to come. Suddenly, I heard gentle piano music on a more calm street. Not knowing where I was, I followed the music and it led me to a wonderful café. Inside, there was a nice kaffeehaus-atmosphere, like in the twenties of the last century. Not having heard a live piano for a whole month, it was wonderful, that noon, the nice piano player introduced me both to the grand piano and the owner and we had a nice chat. Next time I was sure, willing to find my love with this piano in this beloving atmosphere. And so I did the following evening: the bells just rang for eight o'clock and I entered the glass doors, going all along the mirrors and after a short conversation, I sat on the grand piano, playing the interlude of yesterday. It was wonderful, to play melancholic songs in this atmosphere. The soft echo made the piano even more old-fashioned. I could have played all evening - but as there was another pianist waiting, I drank the wonderful port up, finished the very well fitting chocolate cake - thank you very much for this! - And left the café knowing, that I won't forget this nice experience... obrigado

M. Emmerling
Bonsoir, nous sommes passés chez vous pour prendre un thé et manger votre fameux "pain perdu" (en France nous l'appelons ainsi), et nous avons vécu un moment magique au moment de noël. Continuez à faire rêver tous ces voyageurs qui rencontrent votre café sur leur route. Bonne soirée.

Menier, Françoise et Serge
Bonjour à tous. Il y a très longtemps que je voulais aller dans votre illustre café. Mais habitant en France, cela était parfois difficile, même pendant les vacances d'été. Cette année, la veille de pâques, cela a été chose faite. Une personne de ma famille m'y a conduite. Elle-même y avait été il y a 25 ans... elle habite au Portugal. En fait, votre café m'a rappelé le café de flore, boulevard St Germain à Paris où les écrivains et philosophes s'y retrouvaient (J. P. Sartres, Simone de Beauvoir...) pour discuter littérature. Encore une fois, merci pour votre accueil chaleureux et sympathique et certainement, à bientôt! Cordialement,

Ernestina de Almeida
Dear Fernando Barrias, I want to say thank you for helping us to make our stay at Porto unforgotten! Wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! Best regards,

Yvonne Schmidt
Sono assolutamente deliziata dalle immagini via internet del vostro Café Majestic. Non sono ancora mai potuta venire da voi fino ad ora ma se mi troverò nuovamente a porto, che ho visitato molto brevemente quattordici anni fa, farò sicuramente una sosta nel vostro café. Un'atmosfera come questa è rara. Con i miei più cordiali saluti.

Elisabetta De Prosperi
Hello we want you to know that we have recently been on holiday to northern Portugal and spent some time in Porto. During this time we visited the majestic cafe three times and on each occasion were enchanted by the decor and atmosphere. We would also say that the service was excellent and even when the cafe was busy the staff had a smile and our order was delivered in good time. Many thanks for an enjoyable experience.

Joy & Keith Brain
To the staff of the Cafe Majestic, I recently participated in a travel agent trip sponsored by the ICEP Portugal and we were treated to a luncheon in your restaurant on July 11, 2005. It was a wonderful experience and the food was absolutely delicious. Thank you so much for your gracious hospitality. Sincerely,

Carolyn Barnett