I would like to congratulate the management and all employees of the Majestic Café for the care and preservation of this historic national heritage. Its stained glass windows, tables, display cases are like a piece of sweet memory of Porto and of the Portuguese. My late father Jorge Viana Nedehf Marques de Viana, accompanied by Dr. Assisi Chateubriant President of the daily associates of Rio de Janeiro and journalist Joel Silveira, all deceased, reminded me of the time of the visit of the President of Brazil Jucelino Dr. Kubitschek de Oliveira, to Portugal and Europe in 1955, had happy memories of Porto and Portugal delighting in the wonderful service of sweets of Majestic. At this visit was reciprocated by the then President of the Portuguese Republic General Francisco Higino Craveiro Lopes in 1957 in Confeitaria Colombo of Rio de Janeiro. He reminded my late father of a rather comic episode, having asked the President Kubitschek what he liked more in Portugal, he replied, "Well... it was the Majestic... anyway I am also a son of God ...!" This visit was recorded with rich photos in the magazine cruise from Rio de Janeiro that year, and also kept as a souvenir, commemorative medal silver coined at the mint of Brazil. The coin has over the arms of Portugal and Brazil, the facade of the Majestic Café. Our best wishes to everyone at the Majestic Café.

Eduardo André Chaves Nedehf Marquês de Viana