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With loyal customers from all over the world, this is a rite of passage for ministers and presidents of the Republic, for national and foreign personalities, and for tourists visiting and for all those who have acquired the habit of living in a coffee house that is a privileged meeting point for leisure and for culture. And there are many who come here and stay, ecstatic, to admire as ornamental, sublime exemplar of the already distant '20s.

In the biography of J. K. Rowling, written by Sean Smith, it states that when the writer was living in Porto, she spent much of her time at the Majestic working on the first book of "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" » video

Also of note is the testimony of one of Majestic visitors who made reference to an episode related by his father on a visit of President Kubitschek to the Pastry Colombo (Rio de Janeiro). When questioned about what he enjoyed most in Portugal, the president replied, "Well... it was the Majestic... after all i'm also a son of God...!!!" - See here the full testimony »

Rodolfo Valentino, romance era The Majestic Café is not just a coffee house, a special aura which is indecipherable surrounds the house which it conveys to its visitors and feeds very particular stories where love is a constant.

Many are those who fell in love at the Majestic, who exchanged their the first looks, where commitments were entered into, where they finished novels, which rediscovered their love.

Many have come to visit and many are still to visit, and the walls of the Majestic will remain a faithful witness where love happens...

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Rua Santa Catarina, 112
4000-442 PORTO

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