Honor's Book

The guestbook is signed by such diverse personalities as the presidents of the Portuguese Republic Dr. Mário Soares, Dr. Jorge Sampaio and Prof. Aníbal Cavaco Silva, Prof. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa as well as the President of the French Republic Jacques Chirac and Cape Verde Jorge Carlos Fonseca and the Ambassador of China. The farewell ceremony for Macau, at the end of the portuguese administration, was held at the café. The visit of the President of Brazil Dr. Jucelino Kubitschek de Oliveira, to Portugal and Europe in 1955, had happy memories of Porto and Portugal delighting in the wonderful service of sweets of Majestic.

I never come to Porto without stopping in this wonderful coffee shop Majestic, which I have never hesitated in considering it one of the best in Europe which has remarkably conserved the atmosphere of the previous century. For this reason it should be conserved, preserved and respected.

David Mourão Ferreira
I will always return to Majestic, Hugs from

Sérgio Godinho
Art is where there is freedom, and is now present with the nomination of Mario Soares. The Café Majestic, always a place for art and fresh ideas is the ideal location for this historic assembly, regarding the future of all Portuguese people. Wishing the Majestic a long life.

Júlio Resende
Compliments to the staff and management of the Majestic, coffee with long standing traditions immersed with the cultural life in Porto, I wish you all the success for the future.

Mário Soares
Never allow this café to become a bank, or any other institution. I want coffee not credit cards.


Carlos Pimenta
In the most beautiful cafe in Portugal

Jaime Gama
Congratulations on the restoration. I love coming here and will always return. From your friend,

Júlio Pereira
I’m amazed at the restoration which is in favour of Porto and the Portuguese community, congratulations to the owners.

Nogueira de Brito
We am profoundly moved by the reception we received at the Majestic, in this wonderful house we leave our thanks. We honour the Majestic.

António Cruz, António Queiróz
It is with great honour and respect that I compliment on of the most beautiful and monumental sites in Portugal.

António Montalvão Machado
I am very proud to be here today, amongst the people of Portugal, in the Café Majestic. I began my career right here in the heart of the city where Porto, thus Portugal was born. I evoke, in my spirit and in words, the spirit, the soul of liberty and of solidarity of our ex-libris “my noble, invicta and always loyal city of Porto” and as I am finishing my career, in this beautiful corner of Porto, a jewel in its history and of the new art that is the "Majestic Cafe". I compliment with emotion the people of Porto, that live in the Sé, Those that have worked to preserve this historic building filled with emotion and symbols, which is the "Majestic Cafe".

António Moreira Barbosa de Melo
I would like to compliment all who work in this café, my compliments and congratulations on work well done.

Fernando Nogueira
Porto owes this coffee house a debt, being a site for cultural advancements. One brief moment here and you can taste an epic century. Congratulations to all who work to continue conserving and maintaining our heritage.

Manuel Pinto Teixeira
Thank you for the warm reception and for giving me strength to continue my campaign for Portugal.

Cavaco Silva
This is a traditional coffee house full of history which we have visited today. Congratulations to its owners and workers

Fernando Gomes
With my most heartfelt appreciation, for all those who work in this marvellous coffee house.

António Guterres
A prerequisite stop for all to see. Reminding me of the time that I studied in Porto. A tribute from my son Tiago to Pedro Abrunhosa. Congratulations to all who work at Majestic.

Carlos Carvalhas
To the Majestic, its owners and partners, my congratulations. I wish for yourselves: health, peace in spirit, love in your heart and a... “bit of money in your pocket”!!! Please be happy!

At Majestic, one can only be received with majesty. On a December day in 1996, I felt like a king entering this fantastic site.

Virgílio Castelo
75 years is what I have heard is the time that passes between one passage and the next of a comet that passes alongside earth. Which means that in 1921, we were visited by one. And tonight we will see its light illuminate the Majestic. But that won’t be necessary, because this house illuminates itself with its success.

Paulo Figueiredo
For magical moments come to an even more magical place, Majestic!!

Luís Matos
To Majestic, for excellent service in defence of the culture, not just of the north, but for the entire country, for the past, for the future and for the magic which enables me to feel at home. Wishing you lots music and success in the future.

Pedro Abrunhosa
Entering the Majestic is akin to feeding and maintaining the health of one of the most precious jewels in Porto.

Henrique Mendes
Visiting Majestic is like visiting the past.

Glória Matos
It is my honor to write in this book of one of the nicest houses in Portugal, which I used to admire from a young age. And I sang here! Good luck to all at Majestic!

João Braga
Whenever I come to Majestic, I remember the inauguration of the architect Queiroz and 2nd inauguration after the excellent idea to rebuild. To have a simple coffee here is to remember old times.

Manoel de Oliveira
Before (or after) air conditioners, before we can remember. The Majestic was here and is still here. Here we relive in only a few square meters the life and beauty, of bygone eras. For all who work here, have justified its presence and beauty.

Ricardo Pais
When I visit Majestic, it’s like reliving my childhood and the time I spend with my father, Architect João Queiroz who designed the Café. My congratulations to management for the amazing restoration.

João Queiroz
For all those lucky enough to work in one of the most beautiful buildings in the world, my congratulations.

Ana Bola
Majestic, cafe of surprises, cafe of discoveries, of dialogue, of love... Cafe of long conversations, of the joy of living! Thanks my Porto, for giving me a corner, tiny, in which I can dream. To the dreamers who love the Majestic, like me.

The Majestic, a Café without equal. I am completely and utterly charmed with the beautiful interior of this café. The service was excellent; I am left without words to describe your establishment.

Romeu Sousa

Onofre Varela
Once more I have the pleasure of sharing beautiful moments of my life with the Majestic.

Eunice Muñoz
I enjoy drinking coffee at the Majestic. Here we relive wonderful memories. It is the most beautiful site in all of Porto and Portugal. Congratulations and good luck. Don’t let the Majestic die.

Narciso Miranda
Stating that the Majestic is one of the most beautiful cafés in Porto is an understatement. It is however the most beautiful one that I know, it’s a pity that there aren’t more cafes like this.

Rui Rio
When visiting the city of Porto, a stop at the Majestic Cafe is mandatory. This café is much beloved by its people. The owner of the “Café Martinho da Arcada” in Lisbon.

António Sousa
To the Majestic and to my old friend Mr Agostinho. My heartfelt congratulations on this “jewel” in the heart of Porto.

Joaquim Pina Moura
I had an unforgettable stay in Porto. Long live Majestic. Wishing you many years of success.

Marcello Antony
If only this café was in Lisbon, but its not. Excellent in everything.

João Cravinho
Quoting Camões: “I don’t know why, maybe because I’m from Beira or maybe I’m too Portuguese, but every time I come to Porto I think about visiting again"

José Hermano Saraiva
The Café Majestic is a marvellous café, where life’s muses, philosophers, and artists come together to live life’s most memorable moments. Through words, acts, looks and laughter and sometimes through tears as well the Majestic is always here.

Guatemalan Ambassador to Portugal
The most well know café of my city, where I spent many wonderful hours in my youth. I thank you for its existence and its example of restoration.

It was a pleasure to visit the Majestic, which represents a mark in the history of Porto. What a wonderful example of restoration. My congratulations.

Mesquita Machado
I had the pleasure of drinking an Imperial, in the most beautiful café in all of Portugal. Be seeing you soon

Nuno Melo
Compliments on the fantastic décor.

Fátima Lopes
Once more I am here again in this wonderful café, remembering thousands of moments of passion. I am remembering men and women of words, our geniuses and the people who create our culture. Curiously within a few days my first book of poetry will be launched which I have dedicated to the city of Porto and Póvoa, Cities which I have always loved passionately. One of my poems titled “Santa Catarina” I make mention of this wonderful café. For this reason it is always wonderful to return.

Carlos Castro
Congratulations on such a beautiful café.

Jorge Sampaio
Thank you for continuing to give us this pleasure that is the café Majestic.

Nuno Gama
Majestic Oásis or café. Music and art in the arms of truth. Majestic, a time of happiness.

Hélio Costa Ferreira

Jacques Chirac
To visit Porto is to always visit the Café Majestic.

Vitor Sousa
The city of Porto has adopted me, but more than that it has seduced me with its charms, one being the Majestic. Thank you.

Rita Ferro Rodrigues
I feel like this is “my” Porto, Porto how it was and how it will be, with its extraordinary cultural heritage. This is one of the cities most beautiful coffee houses. Porto’s visitors, must all come visit here and drink coffee. Congratulations and thank you.

Manuela Aguiar
In a beautiful and wonderful place as the Majestic, thank you for the kindness with which we were received and the pleasure of having recorded here.


Herman José
Visiting from the Republic of Mozambique I had an opportunity to taste the coffee here in one of the most famous and oldest cafes in Portugal.

Marcelina Chissano
It was with great pleasure that I visited the Majestic. Im here today to participate in the “Jogo Falado” but that hasn’t stopped me from admiring the beauty of the house. I am in awe.

Paulo Catarro
This café represents the culture of Porto. It was a pleasure hearing about the culture of the FC Porto.

Fernando Santos
This café is in the centre of one of my favourite cities, its history and that of the city, is too be respected, loved and remembered for all time.

Francisco José Viegas
I am very honoured to have participated in this program, here in this historic space, in this special festival in this great city.

Pedro Santana Lopes
If these walls could talk, they would tell a story without end. But maybe that’s for the best that way our imagination will soar and we can only guess at what they could say.

Manuel Maria Ferreira de Carvalho
To visit Porto and not visit the Majestic is the same as visiting Paris and not going to see the Eiffel tower. Every time I come here I feel the weight of tradition and good taste. Porto deserves this café. Guard well this relic.

Fialho Gouveia
If tradition and good taste are part of a positive life, then the Majestic is an example of life lived through tradition, through time and it’s shown us how to be alive. Thank you

Carlos do Carmo
You can feel the historical atmosphere here in the café. Thank you and good luck

L. Kutchma (Wife of the President of Ukraine)
Outside of Porto we tour. Inside the city we need our strength to view its magnificence. Therefore there is nothing better than a Majestic coffee to recuperate our strength.

Carlos Vidal (Avô Cantigas)
On this important day we have gathered together to find solutions that will take Porto and Gaia into the XXI century. And there is no building better than this historical edifice where the mayors of our cities have come to talk.

Luís Filipe Menezes
To all the friends of the Majestic and especially Agostinho Barrias. My compliments on its restoration, on the excellent service, the warm scones which are irresistible. My compliments on everything.

Team of the theatrical performance "Honra"
For a long time I have wanted to visit the Café Majestic. And I am here on the day that my play opens at the Carlos Alberto theatre. I want to congratulate everyone on this marvellous house, for the absolute and impeccable quality of the kitchen and for its excellent service. My wife and I were enchanted with the tradition that the Majestic upholds.

Tony Ramos
To the Majestic team, a few words. This house belongs to all. For this reason we should respect her. One of the few places in the world where you can still drink a real cup of coffee.

José Figueiras
This coffee shop is without a doubt a fine example of what Portugal could accomplish in other areas as well. With its excellent service and its wonderful restoration it is a true example.

Artur Albarran
Entering here, in times of the past. The music captures you in such a calming way... With the piano alongside the tables. Feeding our souls. Hugs forever.

They say drinking coffee at the Majestic is chic? Its far more than that, it’s a privilege, its humbling to be served so well, and by such kind people in this historic and marvellous house, The Majestic. Congratulations

João Baião
It was with great pleasure that I visited this magnificent local, situated in a magnificent city.

Rogério Alves
The Majestic remains equal to itself: Magnificent! Congrats. Definitely yours,

José Sócrates
In this excellent location it was with great honour that I was allowed to host an author signing session for my book “Largos dias tem 100 anos”. I thank you with all that I am for collaborating with the city and restoring such a beautiful café. Congratulations

Pinto da Costa
To café Majestic, for the memory of this adoption into the city of Porto and for those dedicate their lives to the real and to the imaginary. The feeling of being full native son of Porto.

Agustina Bessa-Luís
To the Majestic Café and respective owners with gratitude, admiration and best wishes for continuing on the same path.

Maria José Morgado
Again at the Majestic, ex-libris of the city of Porto, in the presence of our Mayor Rui Rio and a great Portuguese man, Prof. Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, a journey in the future of the city which I am sure will be successful in the next 9 October. Congratulations,

José Pedro Aguiar Branco